Conveyor Belt Monitoring

Conveyor belts are the lifeline of mining operations, Rampart has developed systems for monitoring steel cord conveyor belting, for detecting conveyor belt splice elongation, for monitoring conveyor belt cover wear and for conveyor belt rip detection.

Steel Cord Conveyor Belt Inspection

Our sensing method has the highest resolution for advanced splice inspection and steel cord damage detection. Our software provides automated processing and report generation, making it an easy system to deploy and use.

Steel Cord Conveyor Belt Splice Elongation Monitoring

This technology passively monitors the condition of splices over time, which can give an indication of potential splice failure.

Conveyor Belt Cover Wear

High-resolution wear inspection of both carry and return covers. This provides a detailed wear profile that can pinpoint carry cover gouging and uneven material loading.

Conveyor Belt Rip Detection

Rip detection for fabric and steel cord conveyor belts that does not require any implants to detect rips in the belt. This method does not impact the integrity of the belt, is lower cost to implement, and increases reliability of rip detection.


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